Something Lingering in the Lingerie? Bed Bugs Hit Victoria's Secret

Under where? Talk about unmentionable.

Victoria's Secret had to close for a few hours this week after a bed bug sighting in the store on Lexington Avenue at 58th Street.

The lingerie retailer released a statement on Friday saying: "As a proactive measure, we tested our Manhattan stores.  When we found small, isolated areas that may have been impacted, we immediately took action to resolve the situation."

The buggy discovery at this underwear retailer follows recent exterminations at Manhattan locations of Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. Not to mention thousands of complaints from New York City residents that these little nocturnal pests have been creeping around with increasing regularity.

"They're hard to kill," said Lou Sorkin, a leading bug expert at the American Museum of Natural History.

New York health officials say the good news is bed bugs are not particularly dangerous, because they don't spread disease and up to 30 percent of humans don't feel the bites one bit.

That's small comfort for Upper East Siders who've seen a rash of bed bugs in the high-priced co-ops of East End Avenue, among other tony addresses.

"This woman I know couldn't sleep," said writer Lisa Birnbach. "Because she felt they were around her. It'll turn anyone into a lunatic. And great for our real estate values. Thanks alot."

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