Tweets at Chipotle Reveal People Don't Know About Bay Leaves

A lot of people have been tweeting at Chipotle about finding “leaves” in their food — indeed, they’re finding leaves, although it’s bay leaves.

The aromatic leaves are edible, but their tough texture makes them potentially dangerous and unpleasant to eat, so they are normally removed from dishes before serving.

Still, it appears people are mistaking bay leaves, used as a seasoning for centuries, for leaves from everyday trees.

A number of people have taken to Twitter and tagged @ChipotleTweets to complain about the large leaves they've found in their food.

“I’m confused where this leaf came from,” one user tweeted with a photo of a bay leaf sticking out of her burrito.

“Why is there a leaf in my bowl,” another man said, posting a photo of a bay leaf covered in rice, chicken and avocado.

“Thanks for the giant leaf in my burrito! Gross!” another man wrote along with a photo of a bay leaf sitting beside a glob of guacamole and Chipotle's signature tinfoil wrapping. 

Chipotle has responded to many of the tweets, saying in one response, “It’s a bay leaf, used to season the rice. Harmless & edible, but we should have pulled it out. Sorry about that.”

The restaurant chain says it uses bay leaves to season its rice and beans.

“I can’t bay leaf you would do this,” one user tweeted at the company in response.

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