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Man Deported 4 Times Arrested in Sex Attack on 2-Year-Old Girl, Brutal Stabbings of her Mom and Another Woman in Brutal 5-Hour Crime Spree: Cops

Police allege Tommy Alvarado-Ventura sexually assaulted his girlfriend's 2-year-old child, went out and stabbed a woman in a parking lot, then came home and attacked his girlfriend

What to Know

  • Cops say Tommy Alvarado-Ventura attacked three people, including a child, over the course of a brutal five-hour crime spree
  • He first allegedly sexually assaulted his girlfriend's daughter at their home, then went out and attacked a woman in a bar parking lot
  • When he came back to the house, cops say his girlfriend confronted him about the attack on her child and he stabbed her, too

A 31-year-old man who had previously been deported four times faces a litany of charges for a series of alleged crimes on Long Island, including a sex attack on a 2-year-old child and brutal stabbings of two women, officials say. 

At a news briefing Thursday, Acting Nassau County Police Department Commissioner Thomas Krumpter described Tommy Alvarado-Ventura's alleged five-hour spree as "probably the most heinous criminal act I've ever seen" in 28 years on the job. 

"It really is nauseating," Krumpter said.

Police say the violence began late Tuesday at the Hempstead, New York, home Alvarado-Ventura shares with his girlfriend, her 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son, and another tenant who was watching the children while their mother was at work. 

Around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday he left the house and, according to police, the 2-year-old girl was heard crying at about the same time. Police say Alvarado-Ventura allegedly sexually assaulted the girl. 

Alvarado-Ventura went to a nearby bar and got into a fight with a 24-year-old woman over a marijuana purchase, police say. When the woman left the bar, he allegedly confronted her in the parking lot, started punching and kicking her, and then stabbed her multiple times. The victim was stabbed in the back, thighs and mouth and sustained a collapsed lung in the attack. She was last listed at a hospital in serious condition, authorities said. 

By the time police arrived at the bar scene, Alvarado-Ventura had gone back to the home. When his girlfriend returned from work some time between 3:15 a.m. and 4:15 a.m., she saw her daughter had "severe injuries" allegedly inflicted by Alvarado-Ventura and confronted him, police say. 

The argument escalated and Alvarado-Ventura allegedly punched his girlfriend, then took out a knife and stabbed her repeatedly. The wounded mother managed to grab her children and escape to another area of the apartment where the babysitter lives. They called police who arrived to find Alvarado-Ventura sleeping. 

The girlfriend and her 2-year-old daughter were taken to a hospital. Prosecutors said the toddler, who had been beaten in addition to sexually attacked, had to undergo surgery for her injuries. The mother was being treated for her stab wounds and injuries suffered in a severe beating. 

Alvarado-Ventura was arrested on charges of predatory child sexual assault, attempted murder, assault and other crimes. He pleaded not guilty after a court appearance Thursday and was remanded. His court-appointed lawyer declined comment.

Prosecutors asked for three orders of protection for the victims. It wasn't clear if he knew the woman he allegedly attacked at the bar. It also wasn't known how long he had been with his girlfriend or lived with her or her children, but police said he is not the biological father. The 4-year-old child wasn't hurt.

Alvarado-Ventura, an admitted member of the notoriously violent El Salvadorian gang MS-13, according to police, was first deported back to El Salvadore in September 2006 and most recently in December 2011. Police did not provide information on the reasons for the four deportations, but said at least one was related to prior criminal convictions, which include assault, DWI, drug possession, disorderly conduct and false impersonation. 

Alvarado-Ventura's family didn't comment in court Thursday. But emotions ran high, and one person fainted, collapsing on the floor. 

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