White Castle Selling Burger-Scented Candles

The smell of White Castle can come to your home for a good cause.

If what you crave is the smell of White Castle Sliders, now you can indulge your olfactory senses in your own home.

White Castle is selling special hamburger scented candles for its 89th anniversary all in the name of charity.

The candles sell for $10 and appear to be extremely popular. The company's Web site says it is sold out of the commemorative candles. Money raised from the candle sale will go to Autism Speaks.

If White Castle can keep the candles in supply, the hamburger scent will be available through the end of May, which is also "National Hamburger Month."

By the way -- if you're thinking about buying the candle for the signature smell of White Castle, you might as well buy three and get the car air freshener  that's offered up for free with a $25 purchase. 

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