Coralie Carlson

6 Apartment Buildings Evacuated in the Bronx After Partial Collapse

Six apartment buildings were evacuated on Saturday after part of a vacant building collapsed in the Bronx, officials said. 

The collapse of the back part of a three-story building on Prospect Avenue didn't injure anyone, officials said. 

Neighbors said they heard a strange and loud noise, like a tree cracking, and that was the house collapsing. 

But six nearby apartments were evacuated, displacing at least 15 families, according to the FDNY and the Buildings Department. 

Inspectors determined the partially collapsed building wasn't safe and would need to be demolished, said Andrew Rudansky, spokesman for the Department of Buildings. The demolition would begin within 24 hours, he said. 

Five of the nearby buildings would need to remain evacuated until the demolition was completed, he said. 

The sixth building could be occupied but the rear yard must be vacated, he said. 

All of the affected tenants have been offered relocation assistance by the Red Cross, he said. 

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