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Blogger Captures Embarassing, Obnoxious Subway Moments

Yeah, we're looking at you, nose picker



    Blogger Captures Embarassing, Obnoxious Subway Moments
    Heath McBride
    Tom Sibley, creator of (Photo Credit: Heath McBride,

    Think no one's paying attention when your bag takes up the empty seat next to you?

    If someone has a cell phone out (which is inevitably the case these days), think again.

    Tom Sibley, a local comedian, actor, and writer, created, a blog that outs subway riders who cross the most basic lines of public etiquette, including but not limited to: laying across a row of seats, yelling a conversation to your friend sitting right next to you, and public displays of affection of all kinds.

    All posts include pictures of the offenders and a snarky write-up from Sibley.

    "I am fascinated about how inconsiderate people can be," the Williamsburg resident told "People have gotten so used to the transit system... that they don't care about other people."

    The 26-year-old, who works for a reality television show during the day and does stand-up routines at night, said he created the blog last summer, but it didn't become popular until a local NYC blog wrote a story on it.

    "One day people I didn't know started sending me e-mails," said Sibley. "First, three came in, then fifty. Someone finally said they read about the site on Gothamist."

    Sibley said he's already gotten five e-mails in the last hour. "People send me horrible, gross things, and say, 'Hey, we took this and thought of you,'" said Sidley. However, not all of the photo submissions make the blog.

    "The bodily fluids ones are the worst, I don't really post those," he said.

    Sibley is a Staten Island native but grew up in Scranton, Pa. He came back to New York to attend acting school in 2005 and lived in Astoria, Queens before moving to Williamsburg with his fiancee this past year.

    While he continues to snap photos during his commute, he said 75 percent of the pictures come from e-mails sent to him.

    Sibley doesn't plan on stopping the blog anytime soon.

    He gets pictures from all over the world that aren't just in subways, and said, "I just hope people will still find it funny."

    He added that he loves the feedback on the site, and said his favorite review was one of the first responses to a Gothamist post on him: "The biggest douche of them all is the one taking the pictures."

    The blogger couldn't agree more. You can find him at Legion Bar in Williamsburg on the first and fourth Tuesday of every month.