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What Could Possibly Make the Buses Go Slower?

"Slow it down. Pass it on."



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    Just walk -- it'd be faster.

    It seems impossible, but MTA buses may be running even more slowly starting next Wednesday. Blame it on yet another contentious round of labor negotiations.

    "Do everything by the book," read a text message that was forwarded among Transit Worker Union members at depots across the city. "Slow it down. Pass it on."

    The most recent problems are the result of talks that date back to last year when the TWU and the MTA agreed to go to arbitration. But the MTA, unhappy with the contract the arbitration panel presented on August, has asked a judge to toss it out.

    "There's an awful lot of anger out here right now," a motorman told The New York Daily News.

    But according to the TWU bigwigs, there's not enough to warrant a slowdown -- at least not yet.

    "These texts are either made up or intended to misrepresent," the spokesman said. "They did not originate from TWU directly or indirectly."

    Subway workers told the News that they hadn't received the texts, but with 18 of 20 lines slated for repairs this weekend, what would be the point of trying to slow things down?