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Attorney General Issues Warning About 9/11 Charities

Attorney General issues guide to 9/11 donations



    Attorney General Issues Warning About 9/11 Charities

    If you're thinking about making a donation to a Sept. 11-related charity, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

    The attorney general's office has issued a guide asking people to be especially careful about organizations created only recently to mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

    The guide is intended to help ensure that donations go where they're intended.

    The charities bureau division of the attorney general's office suggests giving only to established charities. You can check a charity either by asking them for their financial documents, or by going to the attorney general's special website, which also has those financial reports.

    The head of the charities bureau, Jason Lilien, also warns about certain red flags.

    He says beware of organizations that are "trying to pressure you to give, particularly over the phone."

    He also said you should be cautious about organizations that refuse to give you information in writing about how they intend to use your money. And Lilien warned about "charities whose names sound suspiciously similar to more well-established organizations."

    The guide says you should never give cash. Instead, make your donation either by check or credit card, directly to the charity. And Lilien suggests being careful about unsolicited requests for donations through social media sites.

    If you come across any suspicious groups or an organization that is misrepresenting its work, the attorney general asks you contact them either by email at or by telephone at (212) 416-8402.