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New Year's Wishes for New York Sports

A few hopes as the calender flips to 2013



    New Year's Wishes for New York Sports
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    Hopefully 2013 will bring the Giants back to the way they started in 2012.

    It's the end of 2012 and it has been a busy year in New York sports. 

    The Giants won a title, we lived through Linsanity and the Yankees offense collapsed in the postseason. Brooklyn got a basketball team, the Jets humiliated themselves on a weekly basis and the Devils-Rangers rivalry resumed before hockey decided to remove itself from our screens. 

    R.A. Dickey won the Cy Young, Eli Manning was MVP of the Super Bowl and Carmelo Anthony started an MVP bid of his own in the first couple of months of the NBA season. And, somewhere, the Islanders lurked and plotted their return to radar screens by taking their talents (relatively speaking) to Brooklyn as soon as 2015 rolls around. 

    That's just the broad strokes, of course. There was plenty of other stuff over the last 12 months to enjoy, dislike, laugh about and provide memories for years to come. 

    We're pretty sure that 2013 will bring more of the same and we're totally sure that we can't begin to predict what will happen over the next 12 months. We do have some wishes, though, and they start with the healthy return of two of the best players New York has ever known. 

    Mariano Rivera: A total return to health and a 2013 season right in line with everything he's done before. And, if we're being greedy, the chance to hear "Enter Sandman" before the bottom of the ninth of a World Series game. 

    Derek Jeter: The same total return to health while maintaining the level of play we saw from him in 2013. 

    David Wright: A light at the end of the tunnel so that he doesn't watch every good player he's ever shared a clubhouse with walk away while they're still viable players. 

    Rex Ryan: If he didn't get humility this year, he will never get it. We'd also like to see him get a quarterback. 

    Tim Tebow: Whatever he wants as long as he steers clear of New York for the rest of his career. 

    Mark Sanchez: A time machine back to 2010 for the rest of his team. A refresher course on differentiating between teammates and opponents for himself. 

    Darrelle Revis: The reopening of Revis Island would return a little bit of sanity to the Jets. 

    Mikhail Prokhorov: A little of the humility that Ryan got this season would be good for a guy promising championships with a .500 roster. 

    Deron Williams: The Nets name him player-coach so we can see if his habit of throwing coaches under the bus extends to himself. 

    Carmelo Anthony: Get healthy, stay healthy and keep playing like the otherworldly talent you've been so far this season. 

    Amar'e Stoudemire: A chance to remind us of how excited he once made people on a basketball court. Failing that, no more swings at a fire extinguisher. 

    Eli Manning: Rebottle whatever he had in 2011 and distribute it to your teammates. 

    Tom Coughlin: A book on telling players they're allowed to play with pride outside of meaningless games. 

    The Rangers, Islanders and Devils: The simplest wish of all. Just start playing again. 

    Josh Alper is also a writer for Pro Football Talk. You can follow him on Twitter.