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@NYCMayorsOffice Wants To Hear Your Twitter Poetry

Mayor challenges creative types to type their way to fame



    @NYCMayorsOffice Wants To Hear Your Twitter Poetry
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    Dylan Thomas may or may not have approved of Twitter poetry, had he lived to see it.

    You could be a published poet. You probably don't even know it.

    New York City's best rhymers (and other clever social climbers) are encouraged to send their best verse (for better or worse) to @NYCMayorsOffice, via twitter.

    The catch, as usual with Twitter, is your poetic creation must be 140 characters or less. (How'd you guess?)
    Supposedly, Mayor Bloomberg will pick some of his favorites today, and some winning entries will be published in tomorrow's edition of Metro New York.
    So, without further ado, a couple of whacks at Twitterpoetry:

    1)  Social network poetry
          it's fun, it's trendy and it's free
          show it to your Facebook friends
          with every rhyme you'll make amends
    2)  Poets typing on their phones
          across the wired Twitterverse
          high-tech taps like skipping stones
          new age blessing and a curse
    3) One hundred forty's not much space
         to leave a rhyming cybertrace
         so write and edit, then submit
         once you've started
         hard to quit