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Most New Yorkers Hear Neighbors Having Sex

Live it up this Valentine's Day ...



    Most New Yorkers Hear Neighbors Having Sex
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    Keep it down, please.


    More than two-thirds of New Yorkers hear their neighbors bumpin' and grindin' at all hours of the night, but most don't confront them about it (yikes!) or call city hot lines to complain (we don't think 311 takes those calls anyway), a new survey found.

    The study, conducted by NYC homeowners' Web site, suggests you and your significant other may want to muzzle your moans regardless of whether your neighbors whine about the volume of your sexual trysts. Nearly a fifth of those surveyed became aroused by the sounds of neighbors getting it on.

    Creepy! (Aw, c'mon -- like you didn't KNOW those apartment walls were paper thin?)

    Another 19 percent of survey participants felt jealous at their neighbors' good fortune, while 11 percent reported disgust and 26 percent said they didn't care either way. But even if they do get irritated by the noise, nearly 90 percent of respondents said they had never complained to their neighbor about his or her loud romping.

    It's a sexual etiquette quid pro quo.

    "I would be afraid they might complain about me," a 20-something Lower East Side woman told BrickUnderground surveyors.

    But please, contain your groans first thing in the morning. Nearly 90 percent of respondents say they'd prefer loud fornicators do their thing in the afternoon, evening or middle of the night. Only one respondent eagerly said she'd like to hear it all the time.

    "What this shows is if you live in New York City, you don't need to worry about keeping quiet in bed on Valentine's Day, because the chances are slim that someone is going to complain," Teri Karush Rogers, BrickUnderground's founder, told The New York Post. "On the other hand, the morning-after elevator ride could be awkward."