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Going Postal: Mail Sorter Charged With Stabbing Boss At JFK

Postal worker attacked his boss with scissors, police say



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    Authorities said postal worker David Barnett attacked a colleague in a case of work rage at a JFK mail sorting facility.

    When the call in from Kennedy Airport Thursday afternoon reporting that someone had gone postal, it turned out to be little too close to the truth. Port Authority Police sources say a mail sorter stabbed his female supervisor 7 times in a rage during work.

    The female supervisor, identified as Doris Lloyd, was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she is treated for her stab wounds.  Officials said the male suspect used scissors to attack his supervisor.  He allegedly told police he was tired of her busting his chops and he decided he was not going to take it anymore.

    The disgruntled worker, identified as David Barnett, 55, was allegedly stopped by a fellow worker who jumped on his back during the fight and held him down until police arrived.  

    More than 800 postal workers sort mail at the airport facility.  Several looked on in horror as the male suspect attacked his female colleague around 3:45 pm.

    Barnett is in custody at Kennedy airport police headquarters charged with assault.  Investigators said he offered no resistance when police arrived, allegedly admitting his role in the attack. 

    Bloody scissors were recovered at the scene, officials said.  The victim, Lloyd, is in stable condition.