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Corruption Tapes Air in Trial of Alleged Dirty Jersey Official



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    Solomon Dwek is a key witness in the government's public corruption case.

    The grainy black and white images taken with a hidden camera are sometimes off center or at weird angles, but pointed directly at a litany of public officials who broke bread with a key government informant.

    Then they allegedly took dough, lots of dough, in a wide sweeping FBI corrution sting.
    Jurors are getting their first look at those tapes in the trial of former Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, the first of the 44 people arrested in that sweep to stand trial on corrution charges.

    Solomon Dwek, aka Dave Esenbach, posed as a real estate developer looking for quick project approvals and ready to grease the palms of any public official who could help him.

    The tape jurors watched Friday showed him at a meeting with Beldini, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy and political consultant Jack Shaw, who died last year.
    In previous meetings at restaurants in and around Jersey City, Dwek met with Shaw and Ed Cheatham with the city's Housing Authority, who reportedly introduced the two.

    At one such meeting on Feb 17, 2009, the tapes show Shaw telling him when he meets the mayor, "Don't mention any money. Tell him you want to contribute."

    "Call it what you want," Dwek replies.

    He then said in court, "My intention was to pay him cash bribes."

    Healy was not arrested in the sting. Beldini, a real estate broker who was Healy's campaign treasurer is accused of accepting $20,000 in cash.