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Cops Investigating Seinfeld's Parking Privileges



    Cops Investigating Seinfeld's Parking Privileges
    Jerry, you got some 'splaining to do

    Who are these people giving Jerry Seinfeld parking placards?

    The NYPD is investigating why a Bronx police placard was displayed in comedian Jerry Seinfeld's car.

    Seinfeld spokeswoman Elizabeth Clark Zoia on Wednesday said the performer wasn't aware of the parking placard, which belonged to Seinfeld's longtime driver, a retired police officer.

    She says the driver became concerned for Seinfeld's safety when he arrived with the comedian to the studio where his new show is being filmed and found a crowd outside. She says the driver apparently posted the placard briefly so he could escort Seinfeld inside.

    The spokeswoman says Seinfeld is sorry and takes responsibility for the incident, which won't be repeated. She says the driver won't be fired.

    Police say their records indicate the paper placard had been turned in at the end of 2007, and they're investigating.