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Cops Catch Tribeca Coyote



    A wayward coyote is tranquilized and captured in Tribeca. He will eventually be sent back to the wild or to a zoo. (Published Thursday, March 25, 2010)

    A coyote who was on the loose since yesterday has been subdued by animal control officers in a lower Manhattan parking lot,  video from the scene shows.

    It's not clear what the officers used to subdue him but he was seen being carried away in a crate.

    The coyote took a walk on the wild side -- wandering the streets of TriBeCa yesterday and evading officers.

    This is the fourth New York City coyote sighting this year alone. Three were seen on Columbia University's campus last month, and one in Chelsea earlier this month.

    First spotted circling outside the Holland tunnel around 4p.m., the TriBeCa coyote then trekked south on Broadway and eventually onto Thomas Street.

    Police officers dashed for the animal in a private park outside the AT&T building with a noose and even loaded up a tranquilizer dart gun, reported the New York Post.

    By 5:45 p.m. the coyote crawled under a gate and disappeared onto Church Street without a trace. 

    "I thought it was a little wolf," 18-year-old painter Demetrius Jones told the Post. "It looked scared."

    Knowledge of the coyote's tour of TriBeCa left Betty Englee, who was walking her dog, nervous.

    "I'm just afraid of him," Betty Englee told the Post. "I don't know if he's hungry . . . coyotes can be vicious."