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College's Basketball Season Ends Before First Game



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    It's a net loss for TCI's team.

    Dozens of students at a Manhattan college who thought they were going there to not only get an education, but to also play on the school's basketball team are now facing a season that's over before it was able to begin.

    TCI College has done away with its men's and women's basketball programs.

    The college received word three weeks ago that the Higher Education Services Corporation was cutting funding to colleges and university across New York State.  For TCI that meant the loss of  $3 million dollars.

    The cuts have had an immediate impact on thousands of students who saw tuition assistance reduced for the summer semester they were already in and the fall semester that is about to start.

    The president of the college says he had to act quickly to make sure those students didn't haven't to give up their dream of a college education. 

    "The basketball team, it's an excellent program, we actually spent years building it, but when it  came down to focusing working with either the basketball team versus students actually being able to continue their education, we redirected the money into the educational programs," said TCI President William Talbot.

    For Sara Mitchell, who was the high scorer on her high school basketball team and valedictorian at graduation, not being able to play basketball at TCI means now looking for another school. 

    "It's hard to realize what's going on and you just don't have a backup plan and we're all just trying to figure out what to do and we just don't know," said Mitchell

    There are 27 students who were selected to play on the men's and women's teams. Many of the them on scholarship. The college says it will honor those scholarship commitments.