5-Year-Old Hero Saves Mom's Life with 911 Call

Cool-thinking Queens youngster gets paramedics to the scene

A Queens youngster may have saved his pregnant mother's life by calling 911 after she passed out at home, but he doesn't really count himself a hero.

When asked today "Do you feel like a hero?" the diminutive 5-year-old Tahlique Garay replied: "kind of." 

The call and the soon-to-be first grader's amazing conversation with the dispatcher capture the youngster's cool calm.
"Put your hand over her mouth; see if you feel air coming out of her mouth," instructed the dispatcher last Wednesday.

"Yes", said Tahlique. "My mommy gets seizures," he explained. Tahlique unlocked the door as asked and waited for the arrival of an EMT unit.

"At 5-years-old he's a hero. At 20 who knows what he could be," said Willie Gonzalez, one of the responding paramedics, at ceremony this afternoon honoring the little man's heroics.
Mother Jennifer was hospitalized, treated and released and expects to deliver Tahlique's baby sister next month. Because she suffers from seizures she says she taught her son what to do in an emergency at the age of 2.

"I'm very proud of him. He not only saved me, but he save his sister," said mom.

"Kids never cease to amaze me in the extraordinary things that they do," remarked New York City Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta. And with mom and others watching, the commissioner swore in Tahlique as a junior paramedic.

"Kind of" a hero, no doubt.

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