These 12 New York City Burgers Are Ranked Among the Best in America

You don't have to travel very far to get your hands on one of the best burgers in America.

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Brooklyn's Red Hook Lobster Pound may be known for its "sensational" Maine-style lobster rolls, but their burgers also draw quite the crowd. More on Red Hook Lobster Pound here.
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JG Melon is known to some as a burger institution. Thrillist says the Upper East Side eatery serves up the ultimate classic burger. More on JG Melon here.
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If you're going to hit up this neighborhood bar, try the hamburger with Gruyere. Thrillist describes it as "the best backyard burger you could never make." More on Rose's Brooklyn here.
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The Fedora Burger has helped land Bar Sardine in the West Village on Thrillist's list. It has crispy potato strings. Need we say more? More on Bar Sardine here.
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Ruby's Cafe, located in both SoHo and Murray Hill, has plenty of tasty burgers to choose from, but Thrillist says the joint's classic cheeseburger is the best of them all. It comes with premium ground beef, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and "special sauce." More on Ruby's Cafe here.

Pictured here is the Bronti burger with egg.
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Wilma Jean serves up Southern classics like fried chicken and grits, but its classic burger is not to be discounted, according to Thrillist. More on Wilma Jean here.
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At the Tiki-inspired The Happiest Hour, you want to try The Happiest Burger, according to Thrillist. Its double patties are accessorized with confit onions, pickles and, yes, a special sauce. More on The Happiest Hour here.
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Emmy Squared is known for its pizza, but you may have seen the Le Big Matt burger on Instagram. Thrillist says the burger is actually worth the social media hype. More on Emmy Squared here.
It's the simplicity at Boilermaker that landed it on Thrillist's best burgers list. Thrillist says the secret and special spices "elevate it above most other bar burgers anywhere." More on Boilermaker here.
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Thrillist suggests trying the Haus Burger at Grindhaus, which comes with house-made pickles, American cheese and its own special sauce. More on Grindhaus here.
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The East Village gastropub is known for serving American comfort food in shareable small plates, but you probably want to keep the Sebastian's Steakhouse Burger all to yourself. More on The Brindle Room here.
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Raoul's Burger au Poivre is the second best burger in the nation, according to Thrillist. "Raoul's makes the best non-diner burger in America," the site writes. More on Raoul's here.
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