Violent Bike Lock Attack in the LES Caught on Tape

and more from the blogs...

Get your morning scoop on a street fight with a biker, a few more trees in Bed-Stuy, Bloomblight, another lost Catskills hotel and your summer salads in today's local blog round-up.

  • An epic battle between a fixie messenger dude and an elderly Asian man broke out on the streets of the LES yesterday afternoon, and as these things usually go, it was caught on camera. This guy didn't even resort to fists...he was swinging away with that Kryptonite U-bar lock. The tipster who wrote in to Animal said the victim "was actually bleeding hard core for like the next 20 minutes," but he left soon after.  Watch the embedded video below [Animal]
  • A blogger in Bed Stuy admits he was wrong in doubting the mayor's ambitious MillionTreesNYC initiative. A stretch of Myrtle Avenue was greened up sometime in the last few weeks, and a future tree-lined avenue is looking all the more realistic. [Bed-Stuy Blog]
  • A new term is introduced to signify the once boomed and now busted condo development in and around Williamsburg - Bloomblight. Get to know it. Use it, and embrace it. We've got Webster's waiting on the phone... [Lost New York]
  • Another of the Borscht Belt hotels has faded off into the history books. The Nevele, a once popular upstate destination for escaping New Yorkers, passed financial hands a few times over the past ten years, but the recession finally tightened its grip and that's all she wrote. This vintage commercial will bring a smile to your face. [Reclaimed Home]
  • It summer, we're feeling healthy, so why not take a stroll with us through this list of 101 salads for the season. [NY Times] 
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