Yigal Azrouel’s Cut25 Goes ’80s Surfer for Spring

Yigal Azrouël let loose with his lower-priced contemporary line, placing models in retro visors and creamsicle colors on a moving game board of sorts.

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Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
Yigal Azrouël let loose with his lower-priced contemporary line this season, saying: "I tried to create something that's more fun. You can see, it's a moving installation."
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
"The inspiration behind it is a surfer in the early '80s," said Azrouël. "I myself was a surfer, and I remember wearing these colors. I wanted to play with all that pop color."
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
The vibe was youthful (both in the clothes and among the front-row onlookers), with familiar styles -- pink and purple overalls -- likely to strike a cord with twenty- and thirty-somethings.
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
Azrouël's sophisticated hand shines through in Cut25, and the retro reference isn't too over-the-top. "I also wanted to make it seem futuristic," he told us. Case in point: crisp, ultra-chic silhouettes on some more cocktail-appropriate dresses.
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
At the center of the group was an orange sherbet gown that seems right at home in the city or on the beach, day or night.
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
"They're wearing these masks -- it gives the girls some personality, but it's covering them from the sun. You can play with it, it's fun," said Azrouël. As for the necklaces, they were designed with the pieces he could recall the surfing set wearing back in the day.
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
"The shoes are Frye for Cut25," said Azrouël. "They're also keeping things a bit more simple, minimal, but with a dose of pop color. They're a bit futuristic, in a way."
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
"It's sort of like a game, the way they're moving around the board."
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