Today's Wow Accessory: The Meat Necklace

Leave it to Lady Gaga to kick-start a meat-as-fashion trend. Its latest incarnation comes in the form of the "Meat-Lace" necklace designed by Onch Movement.

While some provacateurs tend to push boundaries by showing a little—or a lot—of flesh, Gaga took that notion and spun it on its head at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, where one of her many costume changes included a gown made of actual meat. And while we can't quite tell if Onch Movement's neck piece is a spoof or a tribute to the get-up, other food-centric pieces in the brand's collection include a Cherry on Top ring and lollipop, and pretzel necklaces.

Whatever the necklace might lack in good taste—it's not real meat, by the way—it certainly makes up in cheekiness. And we thought ladies who lunch preferred pearls...

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