Sneak Peek: Tucker looks to Gypsy Style and The Royal Tenenbaums for Spring

Not even six months after a devastating fire claimed her entire archive, Gaby Basora has bounced back with a lively spring collection inspired by gypsy travelers and "The Royal Tenenbaums."

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Gaby Basora never fails to inspire us with her warm, pop-timistic prints for Tucker, but we were especially impressed by her Spring 2012 collection considering that, not a month after we stopped by her studio this summer, we received word that her entire office space, along with their gorgeous print archive, had been destroyed.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Undaunted, Basora and her team rose from the ashes (literally) and relocated operations to Soho, opening their first-ever dedicated retail space in the process."You just gotta keep going," Basora remarked yesterday afternoon. Indeed, judging by the bright, homey space and cheerful staff, it's easy to forget the fire altogether. Here, a sunny yellow look with a leaf-like graphic print from Tucker's Spring '12 collection.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Tucker devotees will relish in the sunny '60s colors and silky dresses, but spring also offered plenty of new silhouettes and shapes to discover, like this one-shoulder sundress in pale pink and turquoise. Asked about her inspiration, Basora explains: "It's my versions of gypsies, in the broad sense of travelers and nomads, with just a little bit of that eclectic romanticism and a touch of The Royal Tenenbaums."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Basora's take on some of the matching tracksuits from the Wes Anderson film is decidedly cooler than the retro Adidas version, rendered in an exotic blossom print with rich blue and green hues.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Light-as-air jersey and silk tops added a fun, sporty vibe to the collection. Here, a gorgeous pink and orange pullover that might have walked straight from a pool party circa 1968.
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