Rachel Antonoff Hosts a Spooky-Cute Presentation in an Illustrated Mansion

For Spring 2012, Rachel Antonoff synthesized Minnie Mouse and Wednesday Addams into a collection that was sweet-yet-spooky.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Rachel Antonoff is known for assembling some of the most unusual fashion week presentations around (last season it was a high-school dance) but she outdid herself this season with an entire illustrated mansion made out of craft paper and cardboard.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"Spring was all about finding a balance between cute and spooky," Antonoff told us. "I get cute, I'll always 'do' cute, but I wanted to juxtapose it with something a little creepy. Like Minnie Mouse meets Wednesday Addams."
Catherine Blair Pfander
The doll-like inhabitants of Antonoff's haunted house were outfitted in playful sundresses and poufy skirts, executed in a bright red, white lace, and a cheerful yellow print. The playful polka-dot motif -- rendered on everything from skirts to cocktail dresses -- was an effective reminder of her "Minnie Mouse" inspiration.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"This was by far the most difficult set we've done so far," says Antonoff. Indeed, it's difficult to imagine how much time went into creating everything from the faux brick wall treatments to the massive hand-painted bed. "You know people have dances, like that actually happens, so that was comparatively easy to put together."
Catherine Blair Pfander
The space allowed for a truly unusual viewing experience. After turning a corner, we stumbled up on an entire corridor of models that we'd initially overlooked.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Antonoff's cheeky, girlish prints will be a sure win come springtime. This long maxi-dress featured a bright, gumball-like motif.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A fluffy black cat kept models company by his favorite faux-fireplace.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A tiny pet graveyard was the perfect spooky accompaniment to Antonoff's massive illustrated set.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A few painted bats loomed over the presentation.
Catherien Blair Pfander
Our favorite piece was an imminently wearable flower-print shift dress that we may be temped to try with with braids come May.
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