Photographer Spotlight: Vikram Pathak

Vikram Pathak brings the energy of his native Bombay to his vibrant, colorful images.

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Vikram Pathak
Vikram Pathak
While working on an elaborate theater production in his native Bombay, Vikram Pathak felt an urge to document what he was seeing. "It was this desperate need to capture energy on film," explains Pathak.
Vikram Pathak
Indeed, there's an unmistakably energy in Pathak's work, from his instincts for searingly bright color to his eye for dynamic compositions. Here, the crinkly texture of a model's dress takes on an electric look with Pathak's careful lighting.
Vikram Pathak
Having graduated with a degree in economics, Pathak received no formal photography training before becoming an assistant to Boman Irani (who has "since become an amazing actor in Bollywood"). As such, Pathak was able to explore and develop his own unique visual vocabulary, though he admits to feeling a special admiration for Steven Meisel.
Vikram Pathak
Asked to describe the general mood of his portfolio, Pathak calls it an exploration of "the spontaneous elements and essence of love." While he typically favors super-saturated colors, we were also interested in his black and white images, which have a rougher, edgier feel.
Vikram Pathak
The fashion industry may be capricious, but Pathak stays focused amid the glitz and glamour, driven by a passion for "clothing, style, and the poise of the models who can carry it with extreme confidence and emotion."
Vikram Photo
Some of our favorite images in Pathak's portfolio are those that reflect a uniquely Indian energy, like this editorial starring a magenta-clad model posing on a city street.
Vikram Pathak
At the same time, Pathak has proved that he's perfectly capable of pulling off a starker, more modern look, as in this image of a reclining model dress in a spikey layered blouse and shredded tights. "I'm dying to shoot for Italian VOGUE," the photographer told us. With a portfolio like this, we're certain he'll have his "shot" soon enough. To see more of Vikram Pathak's work, visit
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