Photographer Spotlight: Jonathan Hokklo

Photographer Jonathan Hokklo has a passion for Polaroids and prefers "flowy" daylight.

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Jonathan Hokklo
Photographer Jonathan Hokklo planned to become an architect before discovering a hidden talent for digital media and photography."After attending a photo class I ended up photographing some pretty amazing houses in Christiani, a little community in the middle off Copenhagen," says Hokklo. "I think that planted the seed for my future professional career."
Jonathan Hokklo
His images -- at once playful and mysterious -- generally feature natural lighting and candid, quirky postures.
Jonathan Hokklo
While he primarily works in digital photography, Hokklo claims a lifelong passion for Polaroid film. "There was a series of Polaroids in a red book from the '50s that I found in a library in Sweden shot by Carlo Mollino," he explains. "Since then, I've been obsessed with my Polaroid 600 SE."
Jonathan Hokklo
Hokklo infuses all of his images with a kind of sleepy, otherworldly quality. "I like flowy daylight," says the photographer. "Dreamy and kinda of natural -- honest images. That's what I'm trying to create."
Jonathan Hokklo
They may be "honest," but Hokklo still manages to distort or twist reality through subtle means, gently employing imaging effects or peculiar details like this vintage-looking image of a woman in a fur coat, situated in a jarringly futuristic room.
Jonathan Hokklo
Indeed, bizarre props occasionally find their way onto his sets. "I was working on an editorial shot for a Chinese magazine, and on set we had a fake zebra -- which was actually a painted horse -- and a baby snow lion, and a baby snow leopard." This image isn't quite so exuberant, though Hokklo's subject is sporting some pretty outlandish cow-print chaps.
Jonathan Hokklo
Hokklo's fascination with unusual landscapes and settings is apparent throughout his portfolio, so it was no surprise when he revealed the location he's most eager to visit: "The Grand Canyon."
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