Photographer Spotlight: Abbey Drucker

Abbey Drucker's photo career was set in motion after winning the prestigious United Nations photography competition in high school.

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Abbey Drucker
Bellmore, New York native Abbey Drucker's affinity for photography started in high school, when an instructor introduced her to the work of Herb Ritts and Horst. "They had a huge impact on me," says Drucker. "Beautiful, simple black and white photos of human bodies always fascinated me."
Abbey Drucker
Soon after, Drucker won the prestigious United Nations Photography competition in the student division. "It was pretty big news in my hometown," she says. "I got the green light from my parents to pursue photography in college after that."
Abbey Drucker
Drucker cut her teeth in the fashion photography business by testing models and interning under Ellen von Unwerth. It wasn't until after college that she got her first significant solo assignment, a "20-page portfolio in Nylon from Fashion Week in Paris and Milan."
Abbey Drucker
Things haven't slowed down for Drucker ever since. Her signature style -- which she describes as "intimate, tranquil, [and] sun-filled" -- lends itself easily to the playful world of fashion. Here, Zooey Deschanel poses for Drucker in a cluttered bathroom.
Abbey Drucker
While Drucker was trained with film, she's slowly adapting to a digital format. "I always imagine myself shooting medium format," she says. "I still have my medium format Mamiya and I try to shoot at least a couple rolls even on my digital shoots."
Abbey Ducker
Despite the glitz of the fashion business, some of the most memorable shoots, Drucker says, are the least glamorous. "My favorite on-set experience so far was working with Steve Buscemi," she says. "He arrived to the shoot without an entourage in a cab from Brooklyn to the location in New York City. Throughout the day he told me stories about the East Village back in the day."
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