Updated: Fashion's Most Popular Brands, According to Facebook

As the importance brands place on social media continues to climb, we rounded up the top 25 "liked" brands on Facebook, as ranked by Stylophane.

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As the importance brands places on social media continues to climb, we rounded up the top 25 most "liked" brands on Facebook, as tracked by Stylophane by July 2012. After several decades, people still like Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell—more than 10 million, to be exact, with the Converse page drawing 31,708,057 likes.
Runner-up to Converse is another cult-favorite sneaker—Adidas—with a whopping 14,828,837 likes.
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Creative director Christopher Bailey has orchestrated Burberry's metamorphosis from stodgy outerwear label to industry trailblazer. Confidently leading high fashion into the lower echelons of social media has paid off, confirming Burberry's authority on modernity and garnering 12,997,969 likes.
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Nike's specialty sports pages have earned it three places on the top 25 list—the first for its football offerings with 12,924,708 likes.
It's only natural that a brand as all-American and universally appealing as Levi's would enjoy a strong presence on Facebook. The denim company's ongoing efforts to remain relevant have included wooing 12,596,281 fans to its page and attempts to bring the same support to its @levisguy and @thelevisgirl Twitter accounts as well.
Classic French sportswear brand Lacoste has been diligently carving out a top spot in Facebook's fashion rankings, with a whopping 9,917,040 fans internationally. Their active engagement with consumers should provide a warm welcome to relatively new creative director (and Hermes vet) Christophe Lemaire.
Occupying three spots on the top 25 chart, Nike's general Facebook page offers brand updates and discounts to some 9,531,566 fans.
Sneaker brands make a strong showing in terms of overall Facebook appeal, with skater favorite DC Shoes cracking the top 10 with 9,088,597 likes.
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Synonymous with sensual Italian luxury and provocative style, Gucci has pioneered glamour 2.0 with a focus on interactive tools that allow its 8,564,943 Facebook likes to customize messages, upload pictures and Gucci-fy themselves in all sorts of web-friendly ways.
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Despite the drama surrounding Dior in the past year (ahem, John Galliano), the French house still managed to bump out Louis Vuitton for spot No. 10 on the Facebook rankings, racking up a handsome 8,178,339 likes.
Louis Vuitton's balance of quintessential luxury and pop-culture—as achieved by recent collaborations with the likes of Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami—has proven widely popular, earning the luxury brand 8,015,716 likes.
Another popular brand for street sneakers, Puma—which dropped two spots on the top 25 ranking since December 2011—comes in at 7,525,893 likes.
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Karl Lagerfeld might have uttered one of our favorite quotes when describing the white-gold "Facebook" he received, but that doesn't mean the kaiser doesn't hold a command of social networking. Arguably the world's most iconic fashion brand, Chanel boasts a base of 6,803,411 fans on Facebook.
Cult street-sneaker label Vans trails other labels like DC Shoes and Puma, but still cracks the top 15 with 6,078,187 likes.
Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana has placed prominent social media widgets on its website alongside the house's ready-to-wear collections. As a result, the brand's Facebook page is "liked" by 5,530,064 users, who receive frequent content updates across all media channels.
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Despite dropping two places in the ranking since the winter of 2011, Ralph Lauren continues to be a social media heavyweight, boasting 5,042,124 likes on Facebook, not to mention the fans of its separate "Rugby" page.
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Calvin Klein—which skyrocketed four full places in the rankings since 2011—relies on the established popularity of its minimalist aesthetic among celebrities, as well as its ability to keep its 4,290,852 fans up to date. Their informative Facebook page offers a mini version of the brand's website without ever having to leave the comfort of Facebook.
Ray-Ban's formula for success is simple: Be cool. The mantra extends to Facebook, where the brand has drawn 4,265,716 likes for its mixtape downloads, video content and more.
Despite the lock-out—or because of it perhaps?—Nike's basketball shoes page slips nicely into the top 20 Facebook brand pages with 4,197,016 likes, though it trails its more popular sibling, football.
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In his 25 years, Tommy Hilfiger has always seemed to want to be in with the cool kids, making Facebook an appropriate outlet. Despite the significant number of likes (3,533,387), Tommy's page feels more like a friend you actually know, with photo comments and links to posts by bloggers both great and small.
What is it about Coach? The wildly popular leather goods brand has jazzed up its outlook over recent years, not only attracting 3,510,906 Facebook fans, but creating a relative splash on Twitter, too, with more than 300,000 followers.
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Armani's unique repertoire of high fashion for celebrities mixed with contemporary lower-price offshoots like Armani Exchange (and a certain orbital red carpet dress for Lady Gaga) keeps the brand sitting pretty on Facebook, with 3,239,440 fans.
North Face
Favored by everyone from serious athletes to high-school teeny boppers, the North Face jacket has become something of a fashion icon in and of itself. Unsurprisingly, the sportswear brand attracts major social media numbers, just making the top 25 with 2,609,383 fans.
An easy way to climb the social media charts is to sell a product that's, uh, pretty necessary. Outfitting America in 100% cotton undies and plain crewneck T-shirts, Hanes keeps 2,534,735 Facebook fans updated on the latest in briefs, bikini bottoms and trunks.
Hugo Boss
Barely making it into the top 25 ranking, German clothier Hugo Boss keeps its 2,452,267 fans up to date on the latest in model castings, look book shoots and even Pinterest sweepstakes.
Guess, a '90s mega-brand, proves its staying power with 2,285,184 Facebook likes, emphasizing their social networking with style features and sale announcements.
Streetwear label Volcom, which boasts 2,224,097 likes, adheres to a tagline of "Youth Against Establishment," but not, apparently, youth against Facebook (and the frequent giveaways that come with it).
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We were hoping a non-Western brand would crack the top 30, and sure enough, Japanese label Satisfaction Guaranteed just barely made the cut with 2,157,589 fans devoted to its cheeky, graphic tees.
Carhartt is the ultimate tough guy's (and tough girl's!) brand, offering up seemingly indestructible jackets, boots and more. Its 2,101,006 fans revel in photos of tough customers and the brand's "Everyday Icons."
Sporty brands seem to rule the Facebook realm, including the ladies-specific surf label Roxy, which tops out at 2,084,106 fans. The fun-filled fan page is constantly stocked with snowboarder interviews and "Roxy Refreshments," action videos, sale announcements, and brand updates.
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