Fashion Designers and Their Posh Pets

Of course they love fashion, but if there's one thing designers love even more it's their fluffy, four-legged companions.

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Phillip Lim
Designers may love fashion, but if there's one thing they love even more, it's their fluffy, four-legged companions. We bet you'll agree that these companions are pretty awww -inducing.
nName: Oliver
nOwner: Phillip Lim
n Key Accessory: "For me, My Amex card, and for Oliver his Hermes winter coat."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop: "Oliver is an irregular size so I love to go to Wag Wear to make him custom raincoats in classic colors."
nFamous Fashion Designer Personality: "He has a very unique personality all of his own."
Bill Gentle
Name: Judas
nOwner: Caitlin Mociun
nKey Accessory: "A paper bag."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop: "Wherever they sell cat litter."
nFamous Designer Personality: "Donatella Versace, because he's a high maintenance diva."
Lela Rose
Name : Stitch
nOwner : Lela Rose
nKey Accessory : "My Orly Genger custom dog leash, from when we collaborated with them."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop : "Whiskers Holistic Pet Shop."
nFamous Designer Personality : "Alber Elbaz."
Charlotte Ronson
Name: Oliver
nOwner: Charlotte Ronson
nKey Accessory: "A green plaid sweater by Ralph Lauren."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop: "Wagwear."
nFamous Designer Personality: "Charlotte Ronson, I suppose!"
Wendy Nichol
Name : Yoko
n Owner : Wendy Nichol
n Key Accessory : "Nerf darts."
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "Pet Bar at 132 Thompson. It's close to my store and they have cute cat toys."
n Famous Designer Personality : "Yoko would be the cat personality of Karl Lagerfeld. She is extremely fastidious about her appearance, doesn't overeat and spends most of her time in my closet."
Name : Concho
n Owner : Rogan
n Key Accessory : "His favorite accessories are his Frisbee and his food bowl."
n Famous Designer Personality : "I think he looks and acts like Richard Serra."
Mary Meyer
Name : Sissy
n Owner : Mary Meyer
n Key Accessory : "The little white socks she wears every day!"
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "Animal Planet in Greenpoint, Brooklyn."
n Famous Designer Personality : "A lazy Marc Jacobs."
Cold Picnic
Name : Karl
n Owner : Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer of Cold Picnic
n Key Accessory : "Karl is shown in this picture with his penguin hat. Not sure his feelings about it, but we love it on him!"
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "Petland on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint."
n Famous Designer Personality : "There's something adorable and dapper about Alber Elbaz that really reminds us of Karl."
Lauren Mofatt
Owner: Lauren Moffatt
n Key Accessory: "It's a toss up between Gertie's legwarmers and her scarf."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop: "Zoomies on Hudson Street."
nFamous Fashion Designer Personality: "Vera Neuman."
The Lake & Stars
Name : Frank
n Owner : Nikki Dekker of The Lake & Stars The Lake & Stars.
n Key Accessory : "One is his Burberry 'inspired' shearling bed. Also his chenille blanket (sometimes worn as a wrap!), and he carries a little mini-pug Beanie Baby around the house with him most everywhere—simply called 'baby.' He likes the tonals."
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "Our favorite NYC pet shop is The Barking Zoo in Chelsea. We found this place when we lived in the neighborhood and keep going back for the healthy treats, and the staff truly cares about animals rather than treating it as just a job."
n Famous Designer Personality : "I hope I don't offend him, but Alexander Wang comes to mind -- Frank is a real social butterfly when we walk around the neighborhood. Everyone stops to say hi to him!"
Eleven Objects
Name: Chumba
nOwner: Christine Rhee of Eleven Objects.
nKey Accessory: "Our friend Tiffany has an eco-friendly dog wear line called The Modern Canine. She makes Chumba upcycled toy mice filled with organic catnip which he's obsessed with."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop : "Petropolis on Washington Street."
nFamous Designer Personality: "Norma Kamali. He's 100 percent behind the sleeping bag coat. He turns all my coats into his own personal sleeping bags and, similar to Norma Kamali, he has not aged at all for all the years that I've known him."
Name : Lola
n Owner : Kaelen
n Key Accessory : "Her favorite accessory is probably a knit argyle sweater bought at Bark & Fitz in Oakville, Ontario, in bright red that she wears during the holiday season."
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "I love Trixie & Peanut in Flatiron. They have great necessities, but they also have the most outlandish and wonderful gifts, clothing, etc. I never thought I would put clothing on my dog until I went there and saw a hoodie with a pink skull on it."
n Famous Designer Personality : "Probably Karl Lagerfeld. She has a healthy disdain for everything and everyone around her. Also she drinks seven Diet Cokes a day."
Lovely Bands
Name : Charlie
n Owner : Stephanie Kay of luxe headband label, Lovely Bands.
n Key Accessory : "His boyishly plaid dog carrier, kind of Pendleton-looking. And his Christmas sweater with a hood—he wears his hoodie."
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "The Barking Zoo."
n Famous Designer Personality : "Alexander Wang. He’s young, energetic, so likeable, and he likes every body as well!"
Name: Squishy the frog ("My little friend is not fuzzy but more slimey so there aren't really many pictures of us together but know we still hang out and talk to each other when I'm home.")
nOwner: Lindsay Degen
n Key Accessory : "A skull castle that he sleeps in at night."
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop: "Squishy lives in Cincinnati still as I did not want to disturb the 17-year-old dude in the move."
n Famous Designer Personality : "Ann Demeulemeester, definitely."
Natalie Frigo
Names : Porkchop, Vito and Knievel
n Owner : Jewelry designer Natalie Frigo
n Key Accessory : "Porkchop's favorite accessory would be her bird-on-a-string toy. Vito's would be an office chair that he loves to sit in while we push him from the studio to the living room for dinner. Knievel's favorite accessory is a ping pong ball. She has dozens around the apartment, and will carry one in her mouth when she needs to get into another room."
n Favorite NYC Pet Shop : "We love to go to Petopia on Avenue A. They have a great selection of organic cat food and lots of toys to choose from. Also, they have free delivery in the neighborhood -- nothing can beat that!"
n Famous Designer Personality : "The designer that most matches Porkchop's personality is Edith Head. Porkchop is the essence of old Hollywood -- the white fur around her shoulders makes her look like she is wearing a stole. Vito has been called the Frank Sinatra of cats, but if he were a designer he would be Ermenegildo Zegna, whom I find very dashing. If Knievel were in the fashion world, she would be Karen Walker. Karen Walker's collection was described by U.K.’s Independent newspaper as being '…cool but not trying-too-hard, cute but not saccharine, alternative but not self consciously so.' That is the very essence of Knievel."
Melissa Joy Manning
Name: Monkey
nOwner: Jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning
nKey Accessory: "Any ball that he can chase or chew."
nFavorite NYC Pet Shop: "Beasty Feast in the West Village."
nFamous Designer Personality: "Betsey Johnson! The dang dog can never hold still and bounces around constantly. He's all over the place spreading love and happiness -- just like Betsey!"
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