Cushnie Et Ochs Find Spooky Inspiration in Almodovar's “The Skin I Live In”

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs enhanced their razor-precise silhouettes with silvery details inspired by surgical procedures and hospitals.

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A series of looks from Cushnie & Ochs' Fall 2012 collection.
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The spooky subject matter lent itself well to Cushnie et Ochs' already surgically-precise silhouettes, which the ladies enhanced for fall with slashed cut-outs, razor thin windows and super-tight fits.
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"For us it was exploring the idea of a second skin, and also the idea of revealing without revealing," explains Cushnie. "So a lot of the zippers will open up, but there's still fabric there." This peek-a-boo effect was used on nearly every piece in the collection -- notably this long-sleeve navy gown with cut-outs at the bust.
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While the designers typically favor extra-short lengths, there were a number of ankle-skimming maxis and evening gowns for fall. I think the subject matter was a little bit more mature," Ochs told us. "So the longer lengths, longer sleeves and so on just made sense this season."
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"The movie is really tense and exciting, so we didn't want to do as much with black," says Ochs. A series of creamy white looks felt more approachable than the darker, more rigid looks that opened the show.
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"It was almost like the colors in the collection mimicked our feelings while watching the movie," says Ochs. "The darker blues coming out at the beginning, and there was a light, airy moment in the middle and then it the movie has this dark, weird ending. So we wanted to stay true to that initial emotional reaction."
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A series of sexy blue cocktail dresses with asymmetrical draping as well as tummy and rib cut-outs will no doubt prove favorites on the New York party circuit come fall.
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Metallic bead details and splashes of silver picked up on the surgical subtext of the collection while also lending it a lively punch.
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Another shimmery beaded halter look, this one finished with sleek, zig-zagging silver panels down either side.
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