Beauty How-To: “Eyelet” Nails Inspired by Louis Vuitton

A spring-ready eyelet nail in six easy steps.

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Louis Vuitton-inspired "eyelet" nails by Miss Fleury in Williamsburg.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Trained as a painter, Bushwick-based nail artist Fleury Rose has become something of a legend in the nail business for her delicate, hand-painted creations. This week, we stopped by Tomahawk Salon to see what new trends are tickling her fancy.
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Louis Vuitton's bold eyelet looks in creamy sorbet shades really resonated with Fleury this season. "I think they're meant to look like little lotus flowers," she explains.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 1: To ensure a long-lasting manicure, Fleury preps nails with polish remover. "Polish tends to last longer when the nails are somewhat dehydrated," explains Fleury. A quick coat of Essie's Ridge Filling base-coat protects nails from damage and ensures color dries evenly.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 2: To create a subtle, sheer effect, Fleury blends Elle's pale blue "Surfer Girl" polish with a few drops of clear coat before painting the nails.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 3: Taking care not to get too much paint on the brush, apply a single, thin coat of the blended shade to nails.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 4: Artclub's Nail Art Duo Pen -- which gives a tiny, delicate line of color -- is Fleury's secret nail art weapon. Thin, tear-drop flower petals create an eyelet-like motif.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 5: To finish the look, Fleury applies small polka dots between flowers.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 6: Allow to dry for 15 minutes before applying Elle's clear coat (which Fleury prefers for its thicker consistency), which evens out polish and adds glinting shine.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The finished "eyelet" nail -- perfect for pairing with colorful summer separates. Follow Fleury's daily nail creations on Twitter @fleuryrosenails, or visit her blog at
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