Stanford Plans to Adopt a Child, Sell It to Tabloid

Willie Garson, a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw’s gay BFF, is adopting a child, we learned at the Sex and the City: The Movie DVD launch on Thursday. Apparently, Garson has been talking about his impending single-fatherhood since January, and he is totally prepared. “I went through the whole process, which is very tedious. The house is ready, the nanny is ready, the school is ready, the doctor is ready. Everything’s ready,” Garson told reporters at the DVD release party. He was especially happy when he met a reporter from OK!. “I just was talking to OK! magazine this week,” Garson said. “I made a deal with OK! magazine. The first pictures of me and the child are sold to OK!, as a matter of fact,” he said, beaming with pride. Just like Branglina! How has fatherhood changed his life, the OK! reporter wanted to know. “They have to find me the kid! I don’t have the kid yet,” he admitted.

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