The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Manslaughter charges expected to be announced later today against three construction supervisors and a subcontractor at the Deutsche Bank building. [NY Times]

Today begins New York’s mysterious (and much-needed) two-week eviction holiday. [NY Times] 

Instead of layoffs, more employers are cutting down labor costs by introducing four-day workweeks, wage freezes, or unpaid vacations. [NY Times] 

Six changes in store for hedge funds as their ranks thin out next year. [NY Times] 

In the wake of Madoff scandal, all eyes turn to the Fairfield Greenwich Group—a hedge fund that made a pretty penny from their business with the disgraced investor. [NY Times] 

Even though co-op sales have slowed dramatically since the economy collapsed, co-op boards have only increased their standards for potential buyers.  read more »

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