Lounge Going-Out-Of-Business Sale A Scam?

The news that boutique Lounge in Soho is closing with a blow-out sale was greeted with
suspicion by some readers. One commenter:

This "sale" is a scam. What they have done for most of this season's items is cut off the original prices numbers on the tag, and place two different price stickers on remaining part-- the first is a highly inflated "original" price and the second is the "sale price"-- which is actually what the items were originally priced. I noticed this because I had been to the store a few weeks ago and wanted to buy specific pieces but decided they were too expensive (I remembered the prices specifically because I was debating buying them). I came to the sale today hoping I could get them at a discounted price but found this scam instead. There are definitely some pieces that are genuinely on sale- but most of those items were on sale before this scam started. Do not give them the satisfaction of falling for this.

That's really no way to hold a closing sale. Let's hope they come to their senses and drop prices further before packing up for good.
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