Would You Wear: John Lennon Glasses


Really, we should have seen this coming. I mean, MK was wearing them eight months ago. But now we've seen them at Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, not to mention on Aggy - so we think it's official: small, round sunglasses are the new lens shape.

For the past few years now, sunglasses have been going the course of bags - the bigger and blingier, the better. So it's kind of refreshing to see people choosing a shade shape not with the same standards as when shopping at Costco.

The shape, that's both retro (ex: John Lennon) and Blade Runner (ex: Ralph Lauren Spring 09) can add a little bit of "Oh, hello, those are different" to pretty much anything, which is probably why they're coming back. And they let people actually see your face, which could be a good thing, unless you count on big glasses to get you to and from Starbucks without anyone knowing you're exhausted / hung over / not wearing mascara.

On the other hand, when MK wore them, our reaction was mixed, so we can only imagine the implications for a mere civilian. Like, don't they just kind of make you look like Sean Lennon (or even Elton John)?


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