William Rast Rocks My World

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If you'd told fourteen-year-old me that in ten years I'd be sitting across the aisle from JC Chasez, the editor-in-chief of French Vogue, American Vogue and Paris Hilton at Justin Timberlake's fashion show in New York, I'd have thought you were mad.

When Carine magically appeared in the first row decked in pink Margiela fur, heads huddled, "Are we at the right show?...What is she doing here?"

Then suddenly Anna was there, with Bee, just four seats away, "Um, we must be at the wrong show. I just wanted to see what Jessica Biel looks like in person. William Rast doesn't even advertise in Vogue! I'm so confused."

But then, thankfully, JC Chasez and his bright blue sweater vest sat just one seat from Carine (awkward!) and I knew I was in the right tent. I also suddenly remembered the moves to my 1999 cheerleading dance to "Bye, Bye, Bye".

Meanwhile, the Americana collection paraded down the runway. The clothes were inspired by movies like Thelma & Louise; they reminded me of Isabel Marant's Spring collection, very Western with fringe, studs, beaded embroidery, feathers and patchwork denim. Even Justin managed to work in a bit of Balmain influence with shoulder pads inside his vintage-like t-shirts.

Alas, no Jessica Biel, but Carine and JT in the same room more than made up for it.

Update: Apparently, she was there. Oops, now you know just how big the tent is!

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