Lie Sang Bong at the Louvre


There are few things that'll get us out of bed after a very long Saturday night. But fashion shows at the Louvre are somewhere at the top of that very short list.

We didn't know too much about Lie Sang Bong, but he turned out to be worth it.

The structured collection was supposed to be a reinterpretation of traditional Korean garb. It started out with graphic shapes and a rainbow of bright colors on white dresses and jumpsuits. They were a visual reminder of Miu Miu's harlequins, though totally different.

Then Bong went through a blue period of dresses covered in square ruffles, before ending with a handful of sharp black and white pieces that might have owed more thanks to Gareth Pugh than to Korea.

The peek-a-boo dress might've called Kate Bosworth's name, but the branch-heeled shoes called ours.

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