Katy v. Katie


We just came across this article on MTV (via The Australian) about a legal battle brewing between pop star Katy Perry and and Australian designer also named Katie Perry.

The "ie" Katie (born Katie Jane Perry) has been designing and selling a clothing collection online and in various locations in Oz for about two years. She filed a trademark application in September and was rightfully freaked out when she received a load of paperwork from a law firm representing the "y" Katy - asking her to withdraw her application and basically, from what we understand, stop using her own given name for her business.

This sounds absolutely absurd to us. It's the girl's name. And as designer Katie said to the newspaper, ""I love my business. I'm not going to give it away without a fight, either," she said. "I'm not trying to become a singer. I'm not pretending to be her. This is my income. And it's the livelihood of my contractors as well."

While we're not surprised that Katy Perry is seemingly batting around the idea of a fashion line (God help us all!), we don't think she should be able to block anyone from using the name they were given just because she's famous.

Fight the good fight, Katie! Maybe you'll be able to save us all from sushi dresses.

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