If The Gossip Girls Were Designers…

gossip girl shoes.jpg

Eventually, one of the Gossip Girl stars will design some kind of line. Our money's on Blake being the first, but until then, here's a sneak peek of what those designs would probably look like -

Blake, Leighton, and even Michelle, have all designed shoes for Stuart Weitzman's Annual Celebrity Shoe Auction, and so far, Blake's candy-themed kicks (no doubt courting comparisons like "sweet" and "confectious") are going for the highest of the three at $300 - Leighton's in the middle and Michelle's on the right.

No doubt none of these girls would wear any of these designs (though we bet Georgina would sport Michelle's metal star ones), but that's really besides the point.

In other celebrity/designer news, everyone's tickled that Ashley Olsen's designing a menswear line for The Row, launching as soon as next Fall. We're hoping - and willing to bet - that it'll still be worn by more girls than guys. We definitely see little Grey Ant-style vests and loose trousers in their very near future...

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