Creepiest Fashion Tribute Ever?


I will fully admit to having a fascination with crime thrillers, great episodes of Dateline, and serial killers. I mean, I'm not crazy obsessed but that stuff is darn interesting. And no one more so than Charles Manson.

He scares the bejeezus out of me. As did Helter Skelter when I read it. But, still...interesting.

This is also a topic I never thought I would be writing about or mentioning on this site. But it turns out that there's a fashion and art exhibit called "ICON" being held at a studio in Culver City to celebrate the life of Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski and victim of the Manson family.

Clothes from her closet by YSL, Ossie Clark, Dior, and Thea Porter will be on display.

Now, the lady was in Valley of the Dolls and that is very major in my mind.

But, an exhibit, really? Okay, but you might get some really macabre visitors.

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