Adidas Laughs in the Face of Recession

SLVR by adidas.jpg

Adidas is launching a new line for spring according to WWD.

The brand, called SLVR, will come complete with its own stores, Mark Segal shot ad campaigns and international fashion week debuts.

SLVR will offer shoes, accessories and sportswear, (not sportswear for sports but sportswear for looking cute), meant to fill the niche, and the price range, between traditional Adidas gear and the brand's higher end collaborations with Y-3 and Stella McCartney.

They're also taking the environment into consideration. The line includes products like the "zero waste T" which is cut from a single piece of fabric and hand-stitched, instead of glued, shoes.

But it's not just a new line, it's meant to be an entirely new business model, with new advertising techniques, a completely different product theme and totally different retail plans according to an Adidas spokesman. Which means, it's totally insane in this economic climate and will have to face a seriously uphill battle toward survival.

We wish it luck!

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