First Look: Anna Sui for Target

Here's a first peek at the look book for Anna sui's new Gossip Girl-inspired collection for Target, the second in the mega-chain's Designer Collaboration Series (the first being Target's much-lauded collaboration with cult designer Alexander McQueen last year).

Target is certainly hoping this collection will have the same kind of retail magic that the McQueen pieces generated--creating an intense buzz within the fashion community--and using the power behind a teen-obsessed show like "Gossip Girl" is certainly a great way to build some momentum.

We have to say, Sui's done a pretty brilliant job of repesenting the whole Gossip Girl gang in the collection: There's a Blair tea party dress, a Serena leather jacket, and more than a few cocktail dresses that would probably lure the whole cast. Typically, Blair's outfits are all a little buttoned-up, Serena's have dashes of sex appeal (though some think not nearly enough), Vanessa's are all very Brooklyn-boho, and Jenny's have a downtown party girl vibe.

The collection will be available in stores starting September 13--hopefully in that same offbeat warehouse space on the West Side Highway that Target used for the McQueen collection. (Is it awful of us to say that the thought of going to the Target in the massive "Atlantic Terminal" in Brooklyn kind of lacks the glam effect Target's probably going for here?)

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