Opening Report: Project No.8’s New Pop-Up

We stopped Project No 8's Duane Street Pop Up to take a gander, but left with an urgent need for ankle-skimming Margiela boots.

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Project No. 8
NBC 5 News
Project No.8's teensy-weensy pop-up shop at 186 Duane Street has just enough space for a few hanging racks, book shelves, and a counter loaded with jewelry and designer baubles. These Margiela ankle boots were a particular highlight of our visit.
The Feast
Be sure to stop by for easy statement bangles ($225) by designer Saskia Diez. These will definitely fly during the holidays.
The Feast
Cookbooks, novels, and magazines like this unusual food 'zine, "The Art of Eating," speckled the shop's displays.
The Feast
We're in love with the packaging of Saskia Diez's glittery trinkets and baubles. The pony-tail holders with little wooden pom-poms were only $16. Perhaps it's time to rediscover pigtails?
The Feast
Select ready-to-wear stands near the door on a single hanging rack. We found this wrap dress-slash-coat by VPL truly remarkable: It's executed in a strange synthetic fur and finished with a blue-black metallic fabric treatment.
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