House of the Day: 65 Prospect Park West


Why oh why do some brokers persist in putting up a listing with no interior photos?Especially when you are asking close to $3 million, it's an insult to potential buyers not to include at least four or five views of the inside of the house. It wastes everyone's time and only creates suspicion in the minds of buyers. In the case of this house at 65 Prospect Park West (in this case, the broker also doesn't disclose the address either), we hope there's some original detail that's intact but given that the house hasn't changed hands in decades (and without any photographic evidence to the contrary) it's a reasonable assumption that the interior's not in tip-top shape. The house is asking $2,899,000. Has anyone been inside this place?
65 Prospect Park West [Awaye Realty] GMAP P*Shark

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