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Kanye West Interns at the Gap

Reports surface that the rapper is "quietly" pursuing a career in fashion



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    Kanye West: fashion designer? What CAN'T he do?

    Today, we got word from Us Weekly (via Jezebel) that rapper Kanye West is currently interning at the Gap's New York offices. Says one insider: "He works all the time, and one Friday night recently, he stayed until 12 am. He's learning the fashion business from the inside and trying to do it quietly." Well, "quietly" would certainly be a first, considering Kanye's reputation for large-scale theatrics.

    Recently, word has spread that the highly-successful rapper was considering taking a break from music to dive into a fashion career (New York Magazine even called around to see who might consider taking on the famously arrogant Mr. West), and of late the musician has been decidedly focused on style. First, there was his collaboration with Nike, and then most recently, his seriously high-end line of sneakers for Louis Vuitton, which we now hear are already sold out. Plus, he's been posting a ton of style content on his blog of late (like this model shot from insider favorite label Acne).

    So ... interning? Choosing to sit in on the day-to-day at a massive brand like Gap would certainly be a wise move for West if he's thinking about creating his own mass-market brand (we wouldn't put it past him), and creative director Patrick Robinson has long been highly regarded as bringing the brand back from the brink of being irrelevent in terms of style. And after model Chanel Iman spent that afternoon cleaning up the Teen Vogue closet, interning is really becoming the cool thing to do. We'd argue it all kicked off with Ashley Olseninterning for Zac Posen back in 2005 (alongside Lauren Bush, we might add), and we all know that resulted in two highly successful clothing line launches, so we're interested to see what Kanye's got up his sleeves.