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Tickets for Epic Fashion's Night Out Runway Show to Cost Up to $400



    Tickets for the much-hyped Fashion's Night Out runway show in Lincoln Centergo on sale August 19 (American Express card-holders can by advance tickets right now), and while they will be available to the public, the seats with the best view certainly won't come cheap.

    The fashion show will take place September 7 in the heart of Lincoln Center, and is being touted as "the largest public fashion show in New York City history," according to the tickets page on Lincoln Center's website. While tickets start at $25, folks interested in attending the show should be aware that the $25-$50 tickets are in rows I-K. Tickets for rows D-F will cost $200-$250, and the seats with the best view -- rows A-C -- will cost $400.

    Anyone can take a peek at the pricing chart (and the seating arrangement around the Lincoln Center fountain) online on Lincoln Center's tickets page. The price tag for the first few rows ruffled the feathers of the blogger Bryanboy, for example, who weighed in on Twitter: "I didn't know fash show tickets are that pricey. I'm gonna skip it." He added, "It's for a good cause though. Support fashion!"

    And it's true: It is for a good cause, and it's a great idea: showcasing tons of current-season fashion on a runway for the public to see, as opposed to the typical runway fare in and around fashion week, which shows next-season looks for industry fashion folk only (by invitation only). What's more, proceeds from the spectacular with benefit the NYC AIDS Fund, an extremely worthy cause, and so it's difficult to take issue with any price tag that goes toward charity. That said, if the basic premise of the fashion show is to bring fashion week to the people, the real people might find themselves priced out of the first few rows.