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Rumors: Google to Add 'Retailer' to Its Repertoire



    Google is throwing a fashion industry party in NYC, which Twitter rumors are linking to the site's upcoming venture into e-commerce and designer exclusives.

    Could Google's next stop towards world domination be retail? WWD is reporting on a Tweet from @NoBtotheS that says just that:

    “Breaking news: Google is launching an ecommerce site with shop in shops by major designers #google #theyrgonnabepissed #geturshopon”

    The user's profile simply indicates he/she works in fashion PR, and we're not sure how they got their information, but we certainly wouldn't be surprised if it were true (and with No BS as a username, they're not really in a position to fib).

    The chatter comes just a week before Google is set to host an industry party in NYC, which company reps told WWD was simply to celebrate their partners, which doesn't discount the possibility that the celebration includes the launch of shops-in-shop for them on their new fashion site.

    Currently, Google Shopping features the "product search" feature in beta, which uses its power over the web to cull just about anything imaginable (recent items listed on the main page span Burberry handbags and hamster cages). Perhaps Google is taking a cue from eBay—whose new Fashion Vault and designer relationships continue to build steam—to refine its shopping experience for fashion consumers.

    If it is true, we can only imagine it's a win-win relationship for Google to become even more awesome, designers to jump on the extremely lucrative Google bandwagon and us, for whom shopping online just keeps getting easier and more advanced.