Report: Hilfiger Says Legendary Tussle with Axl Rose was "Self-Protection" - NBC New York
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Report: Hilfiger Says Legendary Tussle with Axl Rose was "Self-Protection"



    Tommy Hilfiger's fight with Axl Rose in the VIP area of Plumm in 2006 has become stuff of legend, and in a recent interview, the designer admits he hit first, but insists it was "self-protection."

    Poison Ivy was wise enough to attend an interview Hilfiger gave last week to Worth Magazine's Editor-in-Chief at the French Institute's Alliance Francaise's Fashion Talks series and got some pretty choice quotes. For one, he reveals that, while he didn't have any formal training, the real thing that got him going was how folks wanted to dress like him in the '70s (he had long hair and bell-bottoms).  He also seems to be a fan of technology and social media, saying that "streaming shows live on the internet is as great as having them on television."

    The best part of the interview, however, was his comment on his 2006 tussle with the legendary Axl Rose. Hilfiger said Rose had pushed him, and then he'd said, "That was rude." That was when Hilfiger noticed all the jewelry Rose had on -- rings and such. "If I get hit, it's over," Hilfiger says he thought at the time. "No teeth, no eye. So I hit him before he hit me. It was self-protection."

    Hilfiger then added that the two are now friends.