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Madonna Does Fashion with "Material Girl" Juniors Line and More



    Madonna continues her ascent to global domination by launching MG Icon LLC, a fashion venture with Iconix.  The series of Madge-branded businesses kicks off with the Material Girl (yes, that really is the name) juniors line, launching exclusively at Macy's in August. 

    As one of the most successful entertainers of the modern age, Madonna certainly has a track record with a Midas touch, so we're pretty sure she'll end up being successful with her latest fashion ventures, as well -- corny branding notwithstanding.  In addition to Material Girl for Macy's, Madonna and manager Guy Oseary (AKA M & G), who together will own 50 percent of the fashion business along with Iconix, will also work on a line of co-branded eyewear, while exploring the creation and acquisition of other brands among the 21 Iconix already owns.  Ideas being thrown around include leveraging Madonna's name with lines like Ed Hardy (ugh!) and Danskin (not bad!) dancewear. 

    Material Girl will include clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry and will retail between $12 and $40. With its back-to-school drop date, the juniors line should get some help from Madonna fan moms who will be doing the buying.  The goal is fast-fashion aimed at 13-25 year-olds, with Madonna's 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes, serving as inspiration for the duds.

    We're well beyond our junior years, but part of this news has us daydreaming about Madge's Jean Paul Gaultier bustiers and punked-out wedding dresses. We may end up disappointed (as we were by the Olsen twins' Olsenboye effort for JCPenney), but who knows.