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Courtney Love Commissioned an Animated Film About Her Fashion Evolution



    Courtney Love really is serious about trying to become more style icon than music icon, and now she's got a surreal video -- featuring a Birkin bag, Andre Leon Talley, and Karl Lagerfeld -- to prove it.

    Love has certainly been selling her new aesthetic hard, kicking it all off with the launch of a new style blog called "What Courtney Wore Today," and giving interviews to industry mags like WWD. Then, of course, she made a few note-worthy appearances at New York Fashion Week, namely sitting front row at Proenza Schouler

    She commissoned filmmaker Michael Mouris to create an animated short documenting her style evolution with the interesting title, "The Dark Night Of the Soul," which starts off (we're not kidding) with an imagined converation between Love and Karl Lagerfeld, who warns: "You're drowning in 'the kook' ... Your lungs are filling with chiffon and lace and all that glitter bead nonsense, you must come up for air before you die."

    As the utterly surreal video continues, Love muses on the nature of beauty and her own own feelings ("Why can't I be dignified, like Chris Martin from Coldplay?"), has lunch with Andre Leon Tally, and then manages to overhaul her "kook" style and create a whole new look.

    As for Karl's big cameo? As Love told WWD: "I don't know if Karl has seen this ... But it's about him in so many ways."

    You can watch the entire video here, but be warned, there's quite a bit of cursing, making it decidedly unsafe for work.