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Brooklyn Wedding Venue Chained, Locked, Leaving Couples Scrambling



    A Brooklyn wedding venue that has hosted hundreds of nuptials in its DUMBO space has told its employees that the gastropub is "closed and bankrupt," sending brides and grooms scrambling.

    Employees at reBar on Front Street arrived Friday to find the restaurant chained and locked, despite the two weddings scheduled this weekend.
    "Nothing was mentioned to any of us," said executive chef Mark Lukasik. "All of the employees are in shock."
    Sous chef Kevono Hunt said he called one of the managers, who told him "the restaurant is closed and bankrupt."
    NBC 4 New York spoke to a bride whose wedding was scheduled for Sunday. She learned from her wedding coordinator on Friday that the venue, for which she and her fiance paid more than $13,000 to host 110 people, will be closed.
    "It was just a really big shock at a really emotional time," said the 34-year-old bride, Margaret, who did not want to give her last name.
    The couple has relatives and friends arriving from Italy, California, Texas and Ireland, and they aren't sure what they'll do.
    The chef estimates about 50 people work at the venue. He said they are devastated for the couples whose weddings are now in limbo.
    "We are heartbroken, not only for us, but for these people," Lukasik said. "They've got families coming in from out of town." 

    "We don't really know where to move forward," he added.

    NBC 4 New York has not been able to reach the restaurant owner.